Praxedo About Praxedo Our CSR policy

Our CSR commitments.

CSR is in Praxedo’s DNA.
Since the company’s inception, we have embraced the responsibility of providing a sustainable solution that positively impacts the future, working hand in hand with our customers.

CSR, a collective business project.


Praxedo is a solution aimed at optimizing travel and making technicians’ daily lives easier. Since its inception, the software has reduced the miles traveled per work order, decreased the number of work orders per incident, and increased the first time resolution rate.

CSR lies at the heart of the company’s value system. This awareness of social, environmental, and societal issues is shared by Praxedo employees.

A rewarded collective effort.

Employees involved in the implementation of the CSR project.

A truly engaging project, the deployment of CSR actions involves a large number of Praxedo staff.

Currently, 25 employees are involved in the governance and implementation of Praxedo’s various CSR actions. By engaging collectively and harnessing our combined strength, we can create effective synergies, resulting in a tangible and positive impact in the short and medium term.

Recognized CSR performance.

Praxedo obtained a Gold Medal of its CSR performance by Ecovadis, which proves that the company is a committed and trusted partner on CSR issues.

Ecovadis Gold Medal

A digital solution with a positive impact.

Praxedo is proof that certain digital uses can be beneficial for the planet.

Resource Optimization

Our algorithms make it possible to optimize routes and thus reduce the miles traveled by technicians

Proven positive impact

In 2021-2022, we commissioned a comprehensive Carbon Footprint study on our greenhouse gas emissions, as well as an Avoided Emissions study on the emissions saved by our customers. The beneficial impact of the Praxedo solution has been clearly measured.

The 3 Pillars of CSR at Praxedo.

We have chosen to organize the implementation of our CSR approach around three main areas of development, known as “the 3 Ps”.
The mission for this pillar is to be a committed and inclusive employer who promotes respect for individuals, whether they are employees, customers, technicians, or suppliers.
The mission for this pillar is to optimize resources, reduce our carbon footprint and those of our customers, and to fight against global warming.
As such, we have had a complete Carbon Footprint study carried out in 2021-2022 on our greenhouse gas emissions and on avoided emissions.
The mission for this pillar is to implement a high-impact Praxedo employee engagement program in the service of professional integration and equal opportunities.

Praxedo’s CSR partnerships.

Since 2022, Praxedo has implemented partnerships with two associations: Les Plombiers du Numérique and Sport dans la Ville. Both are focused on sponsoring skills development with young people interested in field service work.

Les Plombiers du Numérique

This association is dedicated to the professional development of young, unskilled individuals in the role of a field technician.

As part of this partnership, Praxedo employees dedicate their working hours to train young individuals in utilizing the Praxedo solution, equipping them with a valuable skill to enhance their resumes.

Sport dans la Ville

Sport dans la Ville actively supports young people in their social and professional development.

As part of this partnership, Praxedo provides specific support to the “Job dans la Ville” program in the Ile-de-France region. This initiative aims to guide young individuals toward training and employment opportunities. Praxedo’s involvement extends to various activities such as “Women in Digital” workshops, “Soccer & Job” days, and mentoring, all designed to empower and assist young people in their professional journey.

Financial support from the Praxedo Foundation

In 2022, Jean de Broissia and Pierre Lavigne, the founders of Praxedo, created an endowment fund called the Praxedo Foundation.

This endowment fund is a sponsorship organization committed to supporting projects in favor of professional integration, equal opportunities, women in digital and digital inclusion.
Its initial allocation is $435,000 over a period of four years.

To date, the Praxedo Foundation supports projects carried out with Les Plombiers du Numérique and Sport dans la Ville.