Praxedo Guidance and Support Teams

Meet Praxedo’s team of experts.

Praxedo is more than just a digital solution. Praxedo is backed by an entire team of experts that offer guidance and support from day one.
Praxedo guidance and support team

Customized support begins the moment you step foot in the door.

Specialized and comprehensive advice before we hit the start button.

Our sales team works with you to figure out what makes your business unique. From your first contact with Praxedo, you’ll discover how our tools can help you solve your day-to-day challenges. Does your enterprise have any particular specifications we should know about? Our job at Praxedo is to design a solution that is adapted to your needs.

  • A personalized demo
  • Industry experts to define your goals
Praxedo Sales team

Implementation support from start to finish.

Next, you’ll be assigned a Customer Onboarding Specialist to provide support at every stage of the process and have them remotely or onsite. Our support team will go that extra mile. Your personal Onboarding Specialist will work closely with you to configure the solution to your business requirements. Praxedo’s support services provide guidance throughout the process of implementation.

  • Support from a dedicated project manager
  • In-depth needs analysis
  • Assistance for configuration
  • Introductory training to get you started
Praxedo CSM team

We’re always here to answer your questions.

Our goal is to get you fully accustomed to using Praxedo, and we won’t stop until it feels like second nature. We offer step-by-step guidance throughout the support process. We are there to help you in your company’s journey and provide solutions to the challenges you may face.

With every subscription comes dedicated help from a local team of experts and detailed documentation available online.

  • 24/7 assistance with online documentation
  • Responsiveness from a local support team
  • Long-term support from a dedicated expert
Praxedo Support team
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Your most frequently asked questions on Praxedo.

Your most frequently asked questions on Praxedo.

What after-sales services does Praxedo offer?

Users get unlimited free access to our Service Support by email or phone. This is where Praxedo subscribers get all their questions answered promptly.

How do I start using Praxedo?

You will receive a username and password for immediate access to Praxedo’s features. These include scheduling work orders, using digitized forms and sending reports to your customers.

How do I switch languages on the Praxedo interface?

Your account’s administrator is authorized to manage all the settings on your Praxedo interface. They just need to change the language setting.

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