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Tania Praxedo
Tania Praxedo

Praxedo: a fast-growing tech company.

With 40,000 users, 1,000 customers, and 30% annual growth, Praxedo is a key player in mobile solutions and expert in cloud-based Field Service Management software.

Recognized as an innovative and disruptive leader, Praxedo is a global software vendor in the FSM industry. Our engineers develop all of our software in-house and work collaboratively to build long-term strategies.

Providing an ideal setting for our team to thrive is one of our top priorities, which is why our offices are always located downtown with easy access, whether you work in Montreal, Paris, London, Munich, or Madrid.

We take pride in the commitment of our teams, as recognized by our high Glassdoor and Happy@work ranking over the past 3 years. 

Our employees benefit from frequent training opportunities and internal workshops to bring out their full creativity and help our organization progress.

We’re always looking for new talent to support our growth. Ready to join us?

The values we live by.

97.6% of Praxedo employees love our company culture (according to the Happy at Work 2021 index), which is based on 6 key values set by the teams that bring them to life every day.
Each person is respected for who they are and the unique skills, values, and passions they bring to the table.
Work & Fun
We’re happy to come to the office every day, in an environment that values balance between work and personal life.
Availability, simplicity, and collaboration form the core of our working relationships.
Trust and Autonomy
Each person is free to organize their time and work, and must be able to measure their impact on the success of the company.
We never copy. We believe in creating software solutions that best meet the expectations of our customers.
Inclusive vision
Our course is laid out, we know where we’re going, our mission is clear, and all of our colleagues share our vision.

Our team.

Praxedo isn’t like all the others. We’re an open-minded company that encourages healthy, human relationships and embraces individuality and cultural diversity every single day. Our teams are made up of enthusiastic, passionate people who work together in harmony toward an ambitious, common goal.

We want to take field service operations to the next level and make life easier for professionals worldwide.

Developers, R&D engineers, sales representatives, project managers, and marketing teams all work hand in hand to re-invent the future of Field Service Management.

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Praxedo team

What does a typical day at Praxedo look like?

At Praxedo North America, our positive work environment makes you want to come to the office every day. Our employees work in spacious, comfortable, open areas and have access to a large kitchen for lunches together.

We have an ideal workspace in the Mile-Ex / Little Italy district that has plenty to offer! A large gym, rooftop basketball court (summer), rooftop hockey rink (winter) and several common outdoor spaces. Getting to work is easy via bixi or public transportation!


We have a “PraxFast” once a month. It’s tradition! A “PraxFast” is a team potluck lunch where everybody brings a homemade dish based on a chosen theme.


At Praxedo we also care about sustainability, so we: recycle IT equipment, try to reduce our company’s ecological footprint as much as possible, provide recycling bins, have baskets of organic fruit delivered 2 times a week, and give mileage allowances to colleagues who bike to work.


Once a year, to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done, we take everybody to a castle near Paris for 2 days for our annual internal seminar.

Work life

Last but not least, we want our employees to feel like they’ve found their place and are happy to come to work. We don’t believe in unnecessary stress or pointless overtime. We strive for a stimulating work environment with time set aside to enjoy each other’s company, a true balance between work and personal life, and the right to spend your weekends unplugged.

International presence.

United Kingdom

A forward-thinking company that’s always looking for fresh ideas and new talent.

Our tight-knit company is recruiting for various roles that bring new skills and personalities to help support the rest of the team. If you love learning, have an open-mind and understand the true value of a customer-focused mindset, we want to hear from you! Send us your application!

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Our open positions.


Customer Onboarding Specialist



Sales Development Representative (SDR)


Sales Development Representative (SDR)


Business Development Manager


Sales Development Representative (SDR)


Sales Account Executive


Business Development Representative (BDR)


Head of Sales France



Project Manager


Software Engineering Manager


Mobile Automation QA


Process Architect


API Product Owner


Planning Product Owner


Full Stack Developer


DevOps Engineer


JEE / React Full Stack Tech Lead


Java Backend Developer



Customer Success Manager



Work-study Graphic/Motion Designer – Nearing end of studies

Candidature spontanée

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