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Praxedo functionality.

Is the Praxedo app easy to install on my teams’ mobile devices?

The Praxedo app is extremely easy to install. Simply download it from the app store available on your mobile device. Keep in mind, you will need to be a Praxedo customer to receive a product key to unlock the features of our mobile app.

Our app is available for download on the App Store for iPhone/iPad iOS, and on the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Why is Praxedo better than other custom software?

Praxedo introduces new features regularly, which we generally make available to our customers at no additional cost. With Praxedo, you’ll be able to update your business processes by following just a few setup steps. (eg. for creating new forms) You’ll also be more responsive to industry needs. In addition, Praxedo’s mobile technology means you’ll never have to worry about compatibility with new OS or mobile device generations.

Is Praxedo a good fit for large accounts?

Many large accounts use Praxedo. They typically interface our solution with their information systems. Our software provides both the quality of service and security level that large accounts need. Our largest customer uses the Praxedo app for the management of over 2,500 technicians.

Is the Praxedo mobile app easy for my employees to use?

The mobile app was designed, from the beginning, for those who value simplicity and have no particular technical skills. New users typically don’t require any training. When setting up the app, you will be able to use industry-specific terms that your field service workers already know. User satisfaction is very important to Praxedo, as shown by our app’s ratings in mobile app stores.


Is Praxedo right for my industry?

Praxedo is used in many different industries. Its many configurable options allow it to easily adapt to any industry employing field service workers who still use paper-based processes like work orders, service reports, delivery forms, and checklists to manage their work. Praxedo works especially well for field service professionals who work from a schedule managed by a dispatcher. Easy data exchange between field service employees and scheduling managers improves service quality and increases productivity.

Praxedo technical specifications, interfaces, and security.

I make frequent service calls to areas with no network connection. Can the Praxedo app still work?

The Praxedo mobile app can be used even when it’s offline.

Data is stored on the device, so the app can continue functioning even without a network connection. Mobile users can sync updates when a network becomes available. Data exchange has been configured to work with low-speed connections (GPRS). 4G coverage is not required. 

Is the Praxedo app secure?

The Praxedo mobile app is hosted on dedicated infrastructure with OVH, one of the largest host in the world.

Data is automatically saved to several remote servers. The app’s uptime is over 99.8%. The app uses HTTPS with the same level of security required for online payments. To avoid security vulnerabilities, Praxedo hires security experts to conduct external tests so that potential security issues are identified even before they can happen.

Can I connect my current information CRM, ERP or accounting software to Praxedo?


Praxedo comes with free, ready-to-use Web Services and FTP. We use SOAP APIs and provide any necessary assistance for their implementation (SDK, code samples, etc.). We also have standard connectors with a few ERP/CRM/accounting solutions. 

Do I need special technical skills to use Praxedo?

No. The service is designed to be configured by operations managers without any unique technical knowledge. We design new features with “easy of use” in mind. For maximum efficiency, we generally recommend that new customers train their Praxedo account administrator for 1 or 2 days to achieve optimal usability.

Praxedo subscription.

Does Praxedo sell mobile devices?

No. Praxedo focuses exclusively on its role as a software developer. Our users typically acquire their mobile devices at the same time as their SIM cards, so they can take advantage of discounted rates. 

Which devices are compatible?

Praxedo works on multiple OS (Android and iOS) and various devices (smartphone, tablet, laptops, PCs). The app is compatible with all popular mobile devices available on the market, including:

  • Android version 4.2 or higher
  • iOS version 10.0 or higher


How much does the Praxedo solution cost?

Praxedo’s subscription costs are completely transparent: the only fees are for each user of the solution. Check out our pricing plans.


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