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Manage jobs for any mobile field service industry—from start to finish.

Boost your team’s performance with a Field Service Management solution that satisfies all of your customers’ needs, no matter the industry
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All the features of a complete business solution.

In the office,

make job planning simple.

Dispatch or field managers have a complex job of juggling between the management of work order requests and keeping tech schedules up-to-date. Make their job easier and guarantee service excellence. Organizing schedules for field techs is always smooth sailing with our field service software. 

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Praxedo FSM solution - Web application

In the field,

effectively carry out your assignments.

Field technicians equipped with the Praxedo app feel empowered having access to all work order information at the palm of their hands.

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A rich feature set designed for techs on the move

Connected mobile teams

The Praxedo mobile app offers around-the-clock connectivity to field workers, even when they’re out of range!

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Autonomy in the field

With the Praxedo app in hand, technicians optimize their own productivity while out on jobs.

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Information exchange in the field

Field techs are prepared in advance for every service call with access to job details and history. Your knowledge on customers is enhanced with the info they gather in the field.

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Digitized work order reports

Build customizable forms and instantly receive reliable reports on the mobile app.

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Customer satisfaction

that just keeps getting better.

Gain the loyalty of your customers by giving them the experience they expect with effortless, real-time communication and total transparency through job updates.

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Grant access to the customer portal

Build customer relationships by giving them direct access to status updates for their work orders.

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Automated job tracking alerts

Set up text or email notification alerts to tell your customers how your services are going.

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Improve the customer experience

Your customers are notified when your field tech arrives, can sign the work order report right away, and can pay for a job well done on the spot.

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Praxedo also offers a well-versed customer support team.

Praxedo support team - Before you subscribe
Step 1.
Before you subscribe
Our pre-sales team will actively listen to your business requirements and help you better understand how Praxedo can meet your expectations.
Praxedo support team - Implementation
Step 2.
As you implement
Our team of experts will help you implement the solution by providing assistance and training.
Praxedo support team - Once you’re a customer
Step 3.
Once you’re a customer
Our responsive, local support team will answer your technical questions and provide assistance to set you up for success.

Praxedo seamlessly integrates with your ERP or CRM.

Sync the Praxedo Field Service Management solution to your ERP/CRM or Accounting software thanks to or full line of connectors and open APIs.
Robust platform
200,000 synchs a day
High availability
Greater than 99.9% over 12 months
Top of the line security
Backed up on three remote servers
24/7 monitoring
Real-time test probes

The Praxedo solution was designed by humans for humans.

For decision-makers

Only an innovative cloud-based solution can set you apart from the competition. Ramp up productivity for your teams and boost profitability for your business. Increase customer loyalty by making every service call an opportunity to build a stronger, long-lasting relationship.

For IT managers

An end-to-end turnkey cloud-based solution that is ISO 270001 certified and hosted in North America and Europe. The Praxedo platform seamlessly integrates with your existing information system. No more in-house maintenance or downtime during large scale-ups.

For supervisors

Supervisors with a clear overview of their operations can be agile when coordinating teams in the field, and keep in constant contact. Save precious time with smart job scheduling, plus easily share critical information with customers and contractors in real time.

For field technicians

Make their workdays better by cutting down on unnecessary trips and paperwork. With the help of convenient, embedded technology, technicians are more autonomous, efficient and always informed on schedule changes through their mobile app.
Your most frequently asked questions.

Your most frequently asked questions.

What are the key features of the Praxedo app?

Praxedo’s top three features include work order management, detailed job instructions for field technicians and optimized scheduling. But the list goes on…

Which industries does the Praxedo Field Service Management platform cater to?

Praxedo is a remote management solution ideal for companies that have technicians in the field that deal with repair and maintenance or any other type of field job. Regardless of your industry, Praxedo can improve your quality of service whether you belong to the telecommunications, HVAC, energy, etc.

How does Field Service Management make your company more profitable?

The key to your business’ success is to optimize schedules. It distributes the workload evenly and prevents productivity losses. Our digital solution ensures seamless, real-time job traceability and keeps everyone in the loop.

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